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Qatar University

Doha, Qatar


Dr. Homaid Al-Madfa

Vice President and CFO

Qatar University Qatar

P.O. Box 2713

Tel: +974 4403-3013

HHK was retained by Qatar University to provide facilities management services. The university is in the process of a massive expansion to accommodate a doubling g of enrollment by 2020 and hosting the World Cup venues in 2022.  Include were four separate phases of service:

Phase #1 - Facilities Management Office (FMO), Project Management Office (PMO), and Capital Projects Office (CPO) Review

Analyze and provide recommendations for the following BOD functional areas; Facilities Management Office (FMO): Projects Management Office (PMO): and Capital Projects Office (CPO)

Phase #2- Support Services Review

Conduct a comprehensive and integrated review of current organization, staffing, resources, policies, and practices in: Support Services Office (Archiving & Logistics, Campus Signage, Housekeeping, Parking and Transportation); Environmental & Safety Office: and Security Services Office

Phase #3 - Deferred Maintenance Management and Quality Assessment

Deferred Maintenance and Quality Assessment includes an evaluation of current practices developed during the Phase #1 Review.  Based on the evaluation recommendations for improvement of current practices guide development for a quality assessment methodology to measure capital renewal needs, project prioritization, and steps for implementation of a capital renewal budget planning methodology

Phase #4 - Space Management Review

Development of a Space Management Model and assisting in implementation of the Space Development Model.

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